How to Approach Garage Door Replacement

How to Approach Garage Door Replacement

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When is the right time to replace an existing garage door? The answer depends on a few factors. If the unit is heavily damaged or in very poor overall condition, it should be replaced straight away. It is also wise to opt for a new door in order to improve safety, security, performance, energy efficiency and other important characteristics. There are also many people who want to get a new unit for purely aesthetic reasons. The most important thing of all is to have the right approach to the project.How to Approach Garage Door Replacement

Door Selection and Installation

The door should have solid construction. The ideal material is weather-resistant and easy to maintain. Steel is a good choice for both cold and hot weather. In coastal areas, fiberglass and vinyl panels are preferred because of their resistance to sand and salt.

Insulation is an important factor worth your attention. An insulated door will help you to keep your garage warmer while having a positive impact on your energy bill. Check the R-value of the unit and confirm that it has been calculated in line with the DASMA standard. Pay attention to the properties of the insulating material as well.

You should pay close attention to the weight of the new door before purchasing it. While it will come with its own hardware parts, it may turn out to be too heavy for the opener to lift. You should take this factor into account when selecting a unit. Of course, you can always get a new electric operator for the new door.

You have to ensure that the garage door installation job will be completed in the shortest time so as to avoid accidents associated with hanging panels and loose components. Remember that in case of wood or steel panels, they have to be painted immediately to get effective protection from various weather conditions.

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