Happy Valentine's Day from Your Door

Happy Valentine's Day from Your Door

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Let your garage door say “happy Valentine’s Day” every time you pass it. Several methods exist for applying text to your door, and they come with different advantages and disadvantages. Pick the one that will appeal the most to you aesthetically as well as fit your installation in terms of material. Common for all of these methods is, that they require a well-maintained door in order to look their best. Make sure that you are up to date with any necessary door repairs before you begin, as pre-existing damages may be exaggerated by decorating.Happy Valentine's Day

Say it With Ribbons

Elegant and flowy, ribbons in red and pink will suit the season for sure. Staple or glue them onto the surface of your door depending on if it is metal, wood or something third. Using ribbons takes a bit of advance planning in order to ensure a smooth, nice-looking text. Consider tracing with a pencil and using a ruler before attaching your ribbons.

A Light in the Dark

In the dark night, a light can shine from your door and remind everyone of the season. As with ribbons, some advance planning is required, and tracing and measuring is recommended. Depending on the lights you choose, cords may end up getting in the way of the automatic opener, door hinges or the opener sensors. Be mindful of this when putting them up.

The Tech Solution

If you have a projector lying around, you can set it up to project the message onto your door. Be careful if rain or snow is on the cards, as most projectors will not be able to handle this. The projector option possibly gives you the most freedom to choose the layout of your message, as you create the image on a computer and can pick and choose fonts and colors.

For the Artist

Artistic by nature? Paint a Valentine’s message on your garage door. Make sure to pick a suitable paint for your material, and possibly one that stretches in order to avoid cracks. Regular painting practices such as sketching also apply in this case, and will ensure that your message is neat and beautiful. Find out beforehand how you best remove the paint again—you probably don’t want to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s day until it comes off naturally.

Garage doors are great opportunities to decorate for the various seasons and holidays. Lots of options exist, and variations on the themes above are only limited by your own imagination. Mixing them is certainly an option as well—imagine a light display complemented by smooth ribbons. The possibilities are endless.

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